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   The office of Personnel Records and Transcript    Analysis oversees the management of personnel    files and personnel information.

Employment Verification / Letter Requests
    Personnel Records assists in the completion of employment/experience     and salary verification forms. The department also prepares letters upon     request, the letters available include letters of separation, verification of     employment etc.
    ■ You may request letters by e-mail at     Be sure to include name, employee number or social security number     and purpose of letter.

    ■ If you are planning to apply for a position that requires a specific     education degree, transcripts may be submitted by mail or bring your     documents to:
                    Miami-Dade County Public Schools
                    Personnel Records: Transcript Desk
                    1450 N.E. 2nd Ave, suite 150 
                    Miami, Fl 33132
    ■ Where applicable, you may use to send     your transcripts to us directly.  Note that not all colleges and universities     participate in this program.

Salary Verification
    Salary verifications for loans, mortgage and credit card companies must     be done through our contractor the WORK NUMBER, which allows     employees to create keys to provide the companies access to
    personal information. M-DCPS's employer code is 10299.


Additional Resources

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Salary & Benefits

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