Transfer application forms may be submitted any time after February 1st for the following school year but must be received by the Instructional Staffing Office at least five days prior to the opening of school for the new year. Applications received after this deadline may only be processed for the current school year if a replacement has been hired before the first day of school for students. A newly hired/rehired teacher will be eligible to submit a transfer application only if he/she has been employed at the same work location for a minimum of three school years. Teachers who have secured a voluntary transfer to another location will only be released after the end of the school year.

Teachers requesting to transfer should complete Form 3651 and submit the form to their principal. The principal will make a recommendation and forward the application to:

WL 9303- SUITE 150 (SBAB)
Instructional Staffing
ATTN: Director

Teachers requesting a transfer should follow up by personally contacting schools of their choice. Once approved, transfer applications will stay on file for two school years. Once approved for a transfer, teachers may transfer to any location whether or not it is listed on their transfer application. Please contact us at if you have additional questions or concerns.




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