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If you are ready to search and apply for jobs with us, get started now.

Recruitment Information
    Learn more about upcoming recruitment events, and current &     anticipated vacancies.

Requirements to Teach (overview of process)
    To be hired as a teacher, you must be eligible to teach and meet     our pre-employment requirements which include drug-testing,     fingerprinting and I-9 employment verification.

Search and Apply for Jobs
    M-DCPS uses E-Recruiting, a web-based registration and     application tool. As either a new candidate or current employee,
    you will use this tool to Search and Apply for current job openings.

    ■ Who should apply through E-Recruiting?

Starting your New Job
To ensure success in your new job you must do the following:
Register to attend New Teacher Orientation
    ■ Begin your Professional Certification Process


New Testing Fees

Opportunity to Teach in Spain

Hiring Guidelnes

Additional Resources

Temporary Instructor (Substitute Teacher)

Application Process for Instructional Positions

Future Educators of America

Local Education Compacts


Reasons to Teach

Why teach in Miami?

What makes a great teacher?

Frequently Asked Questions

■ If you want to speak with the recruitment team, contact us here.  Frequently Asked Questions

Salary & Benefits

■ To learn more about Salary and Benefits please     visit our Employee Services page

Contact Us
If you are still unable to find what you are looking for after checking the resources on this page, contact us by e-mail with applications questions at OR recruitment questions at

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